Watch: AJ Styles, Paul Heyman Play Into Past Heat On 'Talking Smack'

There has been some real life, backstage heat between AJ Styles and Paul Heyman in the past as has been reported about at length. Styles felt as though his friends, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, were not used well when they were part of WWE and Heyman was heading up creative on Raw, leading to Styles partially blaming him for their exit for the company.

Styles then requested a move to SmackDown to get away from Heyman. However, Heyman eventually followed him there when he was made Roman Reigns' manager. Styles was then moved back to Raw where he now resides.

Friday night, Styles was back on SmackDown for the go-home show for Royal Rumble. Of course, Heyman was also there now that he's managing Reigns. Surprisingly, they had Styles and Heyman come face to face on this week's edition of Talking Smack after SmackDown and it was most definitely a must-see moment.

They discussed the possibility of Styles winning the Rumble, with Styles saying that if he were to come out victorious, he would challenge Reigns for the Universal Championship rather than his own brand's champion, Drew McIntyre.

Heyman talked about how Styles lost to Reigns twice back in 2016. However, Styles hinted at the heat that has been reported to exist between he and Heyman in the past.

"Let's just say I choose to go after the Universal Championship, and I beat Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, and he's no longer sitting at the head of the table. He's no longer the alpha. What that means, ultimately, is that you would be out of a job. And nothing would make me happier then to see you out of a job," Styles said.

Check out a clip below.


Every wrestling fans love it when they tie-in real life drama into a worked segment, and that's exactly what this was. So good.