Alberto Del Rio Suspended For Wellness Violation

(Photo: WWE)

WWE has announced the 30-day suspension of Alberto Del Rio (real name: Jose Rodriguez). This is his first Wellness Policy violation of his second stint with the company that started back in October of last year where he was a surprise opponent for John Cena's United States Championship. The suspension begins tomorrow August 18th.

This isn't the first time the superstar has engaged in some sort of controversy. Upon his first release from the company back in 2014 when he got into a physical fight with a front desk employee after he made a racist joke at Del Rio's expense.

His second run with the company hasn't been as lucrative as his first even though capturing the United States Championship twice and becoming a member of the League of Nations, he isn't in the world title picture at all.


With the suspension starting within the week, Del Rio will miss SummerSlam despite not being booked beforehand, there's always the case of a surprise appearance to receive some sort of pay day, but that's off the table now.