Baron Corbin Denied Chance to Become Raw GM by McMahons, Kurt Angle

WWE used to stack the odds against Hulk Hogan and John Cena, but tonight on Raw, Vince McMahon and his family made things insurmountable for Baron Corbin.

McMahon along with Shane, Stephanie, and Triple H all allowed Baron Corbin to beg to be re-installed as Raw General Manager. Triple H granted the request but on one condition: that Corbin wins a match. His opponent? Kurt Angle. Then Chad Gable and Bobby Roode, along with Apollo Crews, and "referee" Heath Slater.

Corbin's odds went from unlikely to impossible after the other Superstars involvement was deemed legal as part of a Handicap Match. Then after Shane McMahon interrupted and said this match would now be a No Disqualification bout, the punishment really piled on until Angle finally pinned Corbin.


It's unclear if Corbin will return to be a normal Superstar or more of backstage character. However with him out, it's still unclear if WWE will appoint a new Raw GM. Angle seems up for the job, but it looks he may be intent on wrestling in the near future. The WWE Hall of Famer has strapped it on for two consecutive nights and may be gearing up for a WrestleMania storyline. Regardless, it looks like WWE is clearing the slate for 2019, so things are even tougher to predict.