Becky Lynch on Lack of WWE Opportunities: Maybe I'm Not Blonde Enough

It may be impossible to not like Becky Lynch's new mean streak.Becky Lynch's 'heel turn' as [...]

It may be impossible to not like Becky Lynch's new mean streak.

Becky Lynch's "heel turn" as SummerSlam was arguably the show's best moment. But counter to WWE's intentions, Lynch was heavily cheered during her beatdown of Charlotte Flair. Lynch doubled-down on SmackDown but was yet again cheered for her actions.

It's hard to tell where WWE wants to take the Lynch character, but in an interview with Gorilla Position, Lynch sounded a lot more like Austin 3:16 than the dastardly heel WWE wants her to be.

"So okay the crowd the cheered, but what does that mean when I haven't accomplished anything? And I'm left there with one title while she's had seven - maybe eight if you count NXT - I'm supposed to be satisfied with that? Am I supposed to be happy with that? That's not enough for me," she said.

Instead of the entitlement, she conveyed on SmackDown, Becky seems to be more business minded in this interview. And an all-business Becky Lynch is something a lot of fans are going to like.

"I appreciate that they wanted to see me win, but I didn't get the gold and I think I've been preoccupied too much by keeping people on my side. And that hasn't done me any favors," she said.

Lynch went on to explain her frustration. The despite once being the face of SmackDown's Women's Division since the brand split, she's been routinely skipped in favor of Charlotte Flair.

...I'm not on the front of the posters all the time. I'm not on the front of the DVDs. And why is that? It's certainly not because of me. Because I have been working my ass off the entire time I've been here. I haven't dropped the ball once. But any time that Charlotte Flair shows up, then it's all about her. It's all about her," she said.

Lynch has a few guesses as to why WWE may prefer Flair to her.

Why is that? Is it because I'm not blonde enough? Is that it? Is it because I don't have enough enhancements? Is that it? I'm treated like the red-headed stepchild of the entire Women's Division. Yet I have proved time and time again that I am the moneymaker. That I am the person that people will tune in to see. That they will care about. That they want to see me win," she said.

Unfortunately for her heel-ish ambition, we do want to see her win—her closing line makes us want to climb the turnbuckle and chug a few beers.

"She's there crying about how it's lonely at the top, well it's not gonna be lonely for very much longer because I'm climbing to the top and I'm gonna break her jaw," said Lynch.

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