Becky Lynch Cuts Fiery Promo on Bianca Belair Ahead of WWE SummerSlam

Becky Lynch has her sights locked in on Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair. This Saturday's WWE SummerSlam marks the fourth singles encounter between the two cornerstones of the women's division. Lynch and Belair are split even across the board currently, as Big Time Becks has a victory at SummerSlam 2021, The EST has a 1-2-3 from WrestleMania 38, and the two battled to a no contest at Extreme Rules 2021. In a recent video on her Twitter, Lynch stressed that she's operating on a different level right now in preparation for a match that is "a year in the making." 

"I am just here in Atlanta, we stopped off, got up nice and early and I just got a workout in. I'm feeling ready. I'm feeling ready," Lynch said. "This match has been a year in the making. This one. This particular one. This particular match. This type of match. This type of chip that I have on my shoulder now."

The former multi-time women's champion continued by expressing her frustration on how WWE fans have treated her since she came back from maternity leave.

"I'm reminded that when I came back to the audience, even though I came back better than ever, that I wasn't good enough for them," Lynch continued. "You tell me somebody else that left at the top of their game. When people thought, 'Wow! This woman has taken this industry to heights we've never seen before!' and they go away, they have a baby, and they're back and better than ever. They're leaner than ever. They prove it in the ring more than ever. You tell me who else has done that, because we've seen other people try to do what I've done and they've fallen flat on their face."

The Lass Kicker pointed to her work ethic as to the reason she's in the spot she is in now.

"It's not because I was handpicked. It's because I worked for it. They picked somebody else, somebody that was new and shinier, and they thought just because they could flip that they were better," Lynch said. "Even though I've dedicated my entire life to this. Even though I didn't just come from some other sport that I wasn't good enough at and just decided to hop into another sport. Because I wasn't picked for how I looked. Because I wasn't a chosen one. Because I don't have a famous last name. No, I'm just good at my craft, and I came back and I proved that in 26 seconds."

Lynch finished the video by taking responsibility for where the women's division is right now.

"Even in my entire title run, even in the last year, I upped everybody's game. Everybody became better because of me," Lynch continued. "Do I get the praise? No I don't. All I get is, 'Oh, you robbed Bianca.' Well, Bianca wasn't good enough. The only thing that people remember about Bianca's last title run was me beating her in 26 seconds. The only thing that people are going to remember about this title run is me beating her at SummerSlam again."

Lynch challenges Belair for her Raw Women's Championship this Saturday at WWE SummerSlam, streaming on Peacock. Check out's predictions for the biggest party of the summer!