Wrestling World Gushes Over Becky Lynch's Bloody Night on Raw

Monday night's pre-Survivor Series scrum left Becky Lynch with what looks to be a broken nose. However, Lynch's bloody face left us with no shortage of iconic images.

As Lynch posed in the crowd, it was clear that she had just captured a career moment. But just in case there was any doubt, social media flooded with wrestlers and fans alike gushing about Lynch's bloody performance.

Lynch's injury came after she jumped Ronda Rousey backstage and slapped a prolonged armbar on her Survivor Series foe. Lynch stormed out to the ring where she initiated a Raw vs. SmackDown brawl and that's where she sustained the blood-inducing blow. As she leaked red stuff, Lynch didn't miss a beat. She seemed well aware that the blood would enhance things and like a pro, she leaned into the injury.

Lynch's Raw moment looks to have solidified what's been apparent for several weeks now: the SmackDown Women's champion is the best thing in WWE right now.

Lynch's run has drawn comparisons to Stone Cold Steve Austin's inception. And now with a bloody set of images to point to, Lynch and Austin now have an even more demonstrable parallel. At WrestleMania 13, Austin endeared himself to the WWE Universe when he passed out in a puddle of his own blood in a loss to Bet Hart. The addition of blood to Lynch's thwarting of Raw looks to be producing a similar effect.


Not one to miss an opportunity, Lynch posted this to Twitter late Monday night: