Braun Strowman Reportedly Owns Questionable Reputation in WWE's Locker Room

Every now and then a whisper emerges from behind WWE's curtain and a Superstar is slapped with the [...]

Every now and then a whisper emerges from behind WWE's curtain and a Superstar is slapped with the phrase "backstage heat." And Braun Strowman is the latest wrestler to be attached to such a rumor.

According to PWInsider, Strowman is negligent when it comes to being on time. Per the report, Strowman leaves the building earlier than most and apparently has a few infractions against him in terms of locker room etiquette. PWInsider's source said that Strowman can be his "own worst enemy and his own worst advocate."

This is the first time Strowman has been implicated with rumors like these. Right now it's a little speculative, but this kind of reports can have merit at times. Most notable was the saga surrounding Enzo Amore and his backstage antics. Big Cass, too, was commonly associated with being tough to handle backstage.

So do this have any consequence? Probably not at this time. But it's a narrative worth following. Strowman has been in a position to assume WWE's throne for about a year now, but The Monster Among Men still doesn't have a Universal Championship to his name. Could WWE be waiting till he matures?

Earlier this week it came out that Strowman was dealing with a pair of bum knees. He's set to work through the injuries but given the slippery history of the Universal Championship, WWE may have opted for a healthy Brock Lesnar over a limping Strowman.

Right now, Strowan is still embedded in WWE's main event and is one of the likeliest candidates to win the Royal Rumble in January. However, his top spot is no guarantee. WWE is reportedly preparing to launch Drew McIntyre into the wrestling stratosphere in 2019 and if Strowman's behavior actually is impacting his opportunities, then he may need to take a look at his priorities.

But for now, just consider this an interesting rumor.