How Daniel Cormier Knows Brock Lesnar Is Getting Tested 'A Lot'

There has been no shortage of rumors regarding a potential UFC showdown between Daniel Cormier and [...]

There has been no shortage of rumors regarding a potential UFC showdown between Daniel Cormier and WWE's Brock Lesnar. While the fight isn't exactly imminent, Cormier is confident Lesnar will be clean if and when they meet.

While speaking with Jim Rome, UFC's Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion discussed his potential bout with Lesnar. To Cormier, it's worth keeping a keen on Lesnar in the months leading up to competition as he has already notoriously failed a USADA drug test.

"If I've got to be honest, yeah," Cormier told Jim Rome on his podcast when asked if he worried about Lesnar cheating. "You don't know with a guy that has a history of failing drug tests and a guy that has a history of not necessarily doing things the right way."

In 2016 Lesnar tested positive for clomiphene ahead of UFC 200. While Lesnar still fought—and won—he was eventually suspended by UFC. But now Lesnar is back in the USADA testing pool and will be eligible to return to Dana White's promotion in January. Lesnar has reportedly been tested five times since July, but Cormier is relying on his eyes instead of headlines.

"When I look at Brock and I see him now and he's competing in the WWE and being under the USADA testing program, I see the differences in him. You look at Brock Lesnar today as opposed to when he came back at UFC 200, he looks like a completely different person. He's smaller physically, his face looks a lot smaller, there's just a lot of differences in him so if I am to believe my eyes, then it tells me that he's being tested and he's being tested a lot," he said.

In Lesnar's recent appearances for WWE, social media noticed a trimmer version of the Universal Champion. While that doesn't make Lesnar vs. Cormier any more likely, it does suggest that Lesnar has UFC ambitions for 2019.

However before he can fight in the Octagon, Lesnar has duties to fulfill for Vince McMahon. Right now, Lesnar is WWE's top Champion. He'll put his Universal Championship n the line against Braun Strowman at the Royal Rumble in January, and if he loses, that could suggest that Lesnar is free to book a mega fight with Cormier. But if Lesnar wins at the Rumble, he'll likely carry that belt to WrestleMania in April, and by then Cormier could have already found himself another dancing partner.

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