CM Punk Teases AJ Mendez Appearance in Heels Season 2

Heels is returning for a second season, and while we wait for an official release date, we do know it will feature several major guest stars. CM Punk was featured in season 1, and a new photo from Instagram reveals he will be returning for season 2. The bigger news though is that he won't be alone, as the photo also shows his wife AJ Mendez with him on set. The caption is simple and to the point, reading HEELS. No other details were shared, but you can check out the image from Heels season 2 below.

Mendez will be making her Heels debut in season 2, though they might be joined by another fellow WWE star Dave Bautista. The star took a photo with Stephen Amell from the season 2 set last year, though it's not known if he will be a recurring character in the show or just pop in for a cameo.

(Photo: Instagram)

Punk starred in season 1 of Heels as Ricky Rabies, and if he is on set for season 2 he is likely returning as that character once more. In a previous interview with show creator Michael Waldron, he revealed that Punk actually auditioned to play the lead role in Heels during the initial process.

"Well, casting the lead of any show is hard, because they've just got to be an awesome, tremendous actor who can carry a show on their shoulders," Waldron said. "Playing Jack Spade, there's the added requirement of you have to have the physicality of a great wrestler. We had to have somebody who could believably pull off this stuff in the ring and outside of the ring, when framed against his wife and kids, and other people in the town, you'd believe this is a pro wrestler who lives here.

"There's not a lot of people who look like that who are also great actors. Steven Amell is one of those people," he added. "We were so fortunate to get him, coming off of the success of Arrow, with the ultimate added bonus of the guy loves wrestling. He might be the biggest fan of all of us, and he's actually wrestled with WWE. So I mean, God, we were lucky to get Steve."

As for Mendez, many fans have wondered if she might return to wrestling. While she doesn't completely shut the door, she does tell fans not to hold their breath.

"The conversation was a conversation that was way longer than people knew, with many things happening in the universe. There were many options. It was a very long time of, 'what's the right route? What's the safest route? What does it look like?' It was something I was scared of, just seeing what would emotionally happen. That was more or less for his stuff. To me, I retired and I retired," Mendez said (h/t Fightful). "I always say, 'never say never, but don't hold your breath' and everyone holds on to the 'never say never.' [laughing] Don't hold your breath, you're going to die."

"I just wanted him to be emotionally safe and protected. That's been the coolest thing about his experience. It feels like he's always in a safe space and has a good group of people around him in AEW, that makes me very happy. There was a lot of 'Let's go!' To me, that didn't spark anything in me, but the combination of wrestling and writing, wrestling and producing, that was more comfortable and more exciting because it was a challenge," Mendez said.

Since then things have soured between Punk and AEW, but many fans are hopeful that the two can find a way to work together at some point.

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