WATCH: Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg Re-Unite, Get Blasted by Elias's Guitar

Elias has returned to his villainous ways, and he's taking out his frustration on WWE Hall of Famers.

Last night at the Royal Rumble, Elias teased a heel turn when he unexpectedly blasted surprise entrant Jeff Jarrett with a guitar after teasing the crowd with a duet. Tonight, Elias solidified his heel turn by attacking Jarrett and Road Dogg, taking out both WWE legends with guitars to the back.

The segment opened with Elias turning on the crowd, claiming that they weren't enthusiastic enough for his in-ring concerts. After declaring that he'd no longer play concerts for the fans, Jarrett and Road Dogg interrupted Elias and started a duet of "With My Baby Tonight." Elias didn't take too kindly to that, and eventually dispatched both with guitars.

Road Dogg and Jarrett have a long history together, as Road Dogg debuted as Jarrett's "roadie" in the WWF way back in 1994. A feud was planned between the pair over who really sang "With My Baby Tonight," but both left the WWF before the feud could come to fruition.

So the real question is what's next for Elias now that he's a heel once again. They seem to be teasing some sort of feud between Jarrett and Elias, although Jarrett's not exactly in his prime any more. Could this lead to a Wrestlemania match between Elias and either Jarrett or one of Jarrett's supporters? Or is Elias going to stop at breaking just two guitars over Jarrett's back?