Eva Marie's 'All Red Everything' Is No More

. Gotta admit that I'm loving the dark hair look on @natalieevamarie 🙌🏻😈 [...]

Eva Marie WWE
(Photo: WWE)

When you finally get around to taking that long awaited vacation, odds are you'll try and change things up a bit, mostly because why not.

Whether that's wearing that Fedora that's been sitting on the shelf for 6 months, growing out your beard to Bray Wyatt levels of grandeur, or in Eva Marie's case, dying your hair jet black. There are two caveats to that when it comes to Marie however that set her apart from your typical vacationer.

One, she isn't taking a few days off for the thrill of it. She's in the midst of a 30 days suspension for her first violation of the WWE Talent Wellness policy, but that buries the headline a bit.

Number Two is that Eva Marie's whole gimmick for the past several months has been All Red Everything, primarily because her hair is in fact red. Sure she wears a red outfit and a red robe at times, but 75% Red just doesn't carry the same gravitas.

In any case, everyone passes the time in their own way, and so Marie shared some photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts showing off her new hair color (via CageSideSeats).

Gotta admit that I'm loving the dark hair look on @natalieevamarie 🙌🏻😈

Game changer 🐾🐾💁🏻 It was time for a little change with my boo thang @natalieevamarie 😈✨ Makeup by: Me ✔️ Hair color by: ME ✔️ Hair style by :Me✔️ #GlitGlammed #GlitGlam #lillylashes #allredeverything #bitchwhere #evamarie #letsgogetem #allblackeverything

For Marie, it's a return to a style she sported before WWE, but to some who only know her as the striking red-haired superstar, it will be come as a bit of a shock.

So, do you like the new look? Let us know in the comments.