FTR Explain When They Lost Faith In WWE, Felt The Ultimate Disrespect

The tag team FTR arrived in All Elite Wrestling just a few weeks ago, but their arrival in the [...]

The tag team FTR arrived in All Elite Wrestling just a few weeks ago, but their arrival in the company seemed inevitable for many months before that. The team, formerly known as the Revival, had been unhappy with their usage in WWE for quite some time. Despite being one of the beat teams, pound for pound, in the entire world, it always seemed like they were not used to the best of their potential by Vince McMahon. This despite winning the tag team championships.

When Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler arrived in AEW, it set the wrestling world on fire. The must talked about dream match with The Young Bucks is now a reality. The two teams had been feuding over social media for years, now they're sharing a ring together.

FTR talked about the moment they ultimately lost their faith in WWE during an appearance on the Jim Cornette Experience. That moment was at WWE 25 when they lost to The Club in less than three minutes and then proceeded to be hit with finishers courtesy of DX.

"We thought we were Hunter's guys because we worked so hard for so long to make NXT mean something. We believed in NXT and Hunter," said Dax. "Raw 25 came along and we had heard rumblings of what we were doing. When we found out, it broke my heart. That was when Hunter and The Kliq came out and ran through me and Cash. They hit us with every one of their finishers. We came to the back and I punched a brick wall. I started flipping out. Cash grabbed me and was like, 'it's okay, it'll be alright.' I was in tears, not because I was sad, but because I was so upset and hurt. A guy we had so much respect for, and we still do, we couldn't believe he would allow that to happen to us. On the flip side, it's not his company. He doesn't call the shots. Vince calls the shots."

Cornette responded by noting that Triple H could have picked someone else to do the segment with had he wanted to.

Wheeler responded, "It wasn't the actual segment. It was the comments before and after. Obviously, we're out there to do a job for those guys and make them look good. It felt like they just didn't respect us and what we were about to do. We couldn't get a handshake or a thank you."

Harwood added, "X-Pac said thank you. Everyone else walked right past us. That really hurt us. I can't say anyone loses faith in Hunter. I'm not sure we lost faith in Hunter that day as much as we lost faith in that company."

H/T to Fightful for the transcript.