Impact Wrestling's Trey Miguel Previews X Division Throwdown at Sacrifice, Teases Bound for Glory Match-Up, and More

Impact Wrestling has a stacked card for tonight's Sacrifice pay-per-view, and a number of Championships will be on the line. That includes Trey Miguel's X Division Championship, and the fan-favorite star will be defending it against Santino Marella's hand-picked opponent in Lince Dorado. had a chance to speak to Miguel all about the event, though we also had a chance to talk about who he would love to face at Bound for Glory, interacting with the fans, and more. His focus is clearly on Dorado, but he doesn't hold Dorado responsible for Marella's actions, and they'll probably hang out after the match.

"You want to know how I feel? I feel like I should be way more excited to share a locker room with Santino Marella because I watched him as a kid, he was one of my favorites, and now the man is serving me BS," Miguel said. "I wanted to be friends with him and he's making it so hard with this not paying attention to me, not giving me matches that I want. It's cool. It's all good. Do you," Miguel said.

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"I'm friends with Lince. I'm going to throw a banana peel in the ring and watch him slip. I'm going to take his mask off, spray paint that green, give it back to him and keep my X Division belt and probably hang out with Lince after the match," Miguel said. When asked if he held anything against Lince, Miguel said "No. If anything, I'm going to look Santino in the eye after and be like, 'Never do that again.' And we'll never be friends either."

After Miguel takes down Dorado, it would be difficult not to have an eye toward Bound for Glory. Bound for Glory is a perfect place for storylines to end and new ones to begin, and when asked if there was someone he had in mind for the event, Miguel brought up Ace Austin. Miguel and Austin already feuded for a while when Austin held the X Division Title, but the story never reached its conclusion, and Miguel sees Bound for Glory as an opportunity to deliver one.

"It's probably not relevant to him or anyone else, but one of the biggest things that I think about is how long I did the program with Ace Austin for the X Division Championship, and there was absolutely no payoff. There was, there just wasn't. I lost every match against him, I never went up. Never got the belt. While I really, that was probably the hungriest I've ever been to be the X Division Champion because it felt like it was going to happen. It felt like it was just literally less than an inch away and it just didn't go through," Miguel said.

"So I feel like if I could have a match with him as Champion, beat him as Champion, that that would be something that I'd really like to do. I need to beat Ace Austin, and he tried to bang my mom. I'm never going to let that go," Miguel said. "And it feels like it's just something that got left unfinished if that makes sense. I don't like stories with no ending."

While he's not sure why it ultimately never properly concluded, Miguel knows they could deliver an even better match than they could have at the time.

"I got no idea, and I really don't try to spend too much time thinking about it. I know it's something that feels unfinished. It just, there's still money on the table there, and we have great chemistry together," Miguel said. "I've had some of my favorite matches with Ace at Impact and I've become a better wrestler since then. He's become a better wrestler since then, and I think we were both really good at that time. I think we could redo that on an entirely different scale or level of performing."

Regarding Marella, he doesn't regret meeting someone he looked up to despite it not going as planned. In fact, when I brought up the old adage of never meet your heroes, Miguel hopes that fans don't talk themselves out of meeting the stars they love, and it's all about just finding the right moment.

"Yeah, I did, and I don't believe that. Don't overstep or don't ask for pictures or don't be super fanboy. How? I got into wrestling because I love it and I got into it because the people that sold it to me were my heroes. So if I meet one, let me do this. This isn't going to happen to everyone in the world. Not everyone gets to meet the people that are their heroes. So take advantage of that," Miguel said.

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"People don't know how much time they have. I just lost a good buddy of mine two or three days ago, Sean Patrick O'Brien, and it really put into my head how much we don't take advantage of the time we have. Take pictures with the ones you love, take the risk, and ask someone like, 'Hey, is it okay if I get a picture with you? I looked up to you as a child. This would mean a lot to me.' And I feel like as long as you approach it with a professional manner, it's never going to be a problem," Miguel said.

"My older brother, Mikey, is one of my biggest supporters, and he was just as big of a wrestling fan growing up as I was. And his favorite wrestler was Ken Shamrock, and the first time I was on a show with Ken at Impact, I just approached him and I told him, 'My brother looked up to you our entire childhood. If I take a picture with you and send it to him, it'll blow his mind. It'll make his life. Can I take this picture?' And he was super polite. He said, 'Yeah, let's do it.' Asked about my brother. What's his name, what does he do? And I feel like you can get that reaction out of him every time if you just approach it correctly. And I encourage to do that. I think we should whitewash this idea of being respectful and giving people distance. Sure, there's a time and place to do that, but there's also a time and place where it's appropriate. So just look for that moment and then take your shot," Miguel said.

You can see Miguel in action every Thursday on Impact and you can watch him defend the X Division Championship on tonight's Sacrifice Pay-per-view. Sacrifice airs on Impact Plus and FITE TV.

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