Jason Jordan Shares Hopeful Outlook on Health, WWE Future

Jason Jordan's status as a WWE Superstar has been oddly ambiguous in 2018. Reports of a [...]

Jason Jordan's status as a WWE Superstar has been oddly ambiguous in 2018. Reports of a career-threatening injury combined with Jordan's prolonged absence have fans fearing the worst. But over the weekend, Jordan provided the first bit of positive news in quite some time.

After undergoing what was called a "minimally invasive" procedure to address a neck issue in February, Jordan has been followed by ambiguous headlines. Some believed he'd be back in time for WrestleMania 34, but when he missed the big show there were whispers of his injury being more significant than originally believed. By the summer, Jordan's injury was rumored to be bad enough to end his career, as he continued to miss time. However the 30-year old posted the following to Twitter.

"I'm ready to attack this week and make huge improvements! I've been trying to keep my eye on the prize and look at the big picture. I'm still on the road to recovery and I'm very optimistic about getting back to where I belong!"

This is easily the most promising news to come out of Jordan's 2018. The specifics of his injury are still mostly unknown, but him alluding to in-ring action is a great sign. Jordan has reportedly become a producer backstage during WWE shows but with this tweet, it seems like him being an active Superstar is within the realm of possibility.

As mentioned Jordan; health has been clouded with conflicting reports, but before his surgery, his wife posted a message to Instagram underlining that everything was OK.

"I will address this once...

Yes, "Jason Jordan" is injured. I assure you everything you have seen online is "Fake News!" He has a minor neck injury and will be back in no time! Although, I am very excited to have him home for a bit, I promise, I will help guide him to a speedy recovery! Thank you to everyone who reached out to check on him! He is very positive and already planning his comeback! In the meantime, just please keep sending Nathan and I good vibes!!"

With this being so slippery, all we can do is hope that Jordan recovered from what's been ailing him. We'd love to see him wrestle again, but that may be secondary at this point. Before the injury, Jordan was one of WWE's brightest young stars. WWE attached him to a highly ambitious storyline with Kurt Angle that asked Jordan to cover a range of emotions on camera that most Superstars would never try. That storyline, combined with his rivalry with Seth Rollins and Jordan elite physical ability had the former SmackDown Tag Team champion on a lofty trajectory. Here's to him resuming the path.