Watch: Kofi Kingston Makes Multiple Miraculous Royal Rumble Saves

WWE is all about continuing a narrative and Kofi Kingston's annual Royal Rumble Houdini impression is one the best subplots in company history. And because there's no sense in breaking a good trend, Kingston just added another dramatic save to his resume.

For his first 2019 save, Kingston yet again used WWE's rule to his advantage as he corkscrewed himself out of elimination and to the ring stairs.

But Kingston's second escape needed the help of New Day partner, Xavier Woods.

In an interview with The Sun Kingston revealed that this his narrow escapes were never something he imagined himself doing. But after a friendly competition with Johnny Morrison, Kingston had to keep his streak alive.

"I didn't expect to become the guy who people look to do something cool in the Rumble in terms of avoiding elimination," said Kingston. "Actually, it was all started by John Morrison for me when he got knocked off the apron and jumped all the way to the barrier and parkoured his way back into the ring. Then the next year when it came to the Rumble he was not around so I was like, 'Hey let me try to fill this void'."

But Kingston's annual stunt has now become an expectation for fans, but the future Hall of Famer isn't feeling the pressure.

"It became something cool and I tried to figure out something to do it again the next year and then all of a sudden everyone is like 'What's Kofi gonna do now?' Fast-forward a few years later and here we are. It's cool and I couldn't say exactly which one was my favorite, I just put them all out there and let the people rank and pick their best. It's just cool to be in that spot. The Royal Rumble is really about being the guy who survives 30-plus people and goes on to WrestleMania, then people are also looking at me. So it's really great to be in that position."