Matt Riddle Still Has a Black Eye From His Match With Seth Rollins

Matt Riddle came up short against Seth Rollins at Clash at the Castle last weekend, and he still has the shiner to prove it. Rollins was able to outsmart the former UFC star throughout their matchup, repeatedly getting in his head by using moves from Randy Orton's arsenal. He tricked Riddle into walking right into a Curb Stomp late in the match, then nailed the move again from the second rope to pick up the victory. 

Riddle indicated he wants revenge in a tweet on Saturday, posting a photo where he was sporting a black eye. "The Original Bro" didn't wrestle on Raw this week, though he did face Omos at a house show in Colorado Springs on Saturday night. 

Meanwhile, Rollins gave a new interview with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character Podcast this week and talked about the differences of working with Vince McMahon and Triple H. Riddle as been a recent recipient of one of "The Game's" early changes, getting his first name back for his onscreen character.

"I trusted Vince, but to have a breath of fresh air is really good," Rollins said. "With Vince, it was a double-edged sword: You knew exactly who to go to, and there was security in that ... If you got a yes from him, nothing else beneath that mattered. On the other side of that, he was very all over the place. That was part of his genius, but it was also very stressful."

"He's just starting the chess board with all of his pieces messed up," he later added. "Right now he's just getting all his pieces in place, and then we'll start marching ... It's a wild changeover and super-abrupt, which put all of us on our back foot, Triple H included. But I'm very excited to see what the future looks like in three to six months ... That's not a knock on Vince. It's just, new is exciting ... It's like stepping into a parallel universe." 

WWE returns to pay-per-view on Oct. 8 with the Extreme Rules event at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. The only match confirmed for the show so far is Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

h/t Wrestling Inc.