NXT's Raquel Gonzalez Retains NXT Women's Championship Against Xia Li

Tonight's main event on NXT was the title match between NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Tian [...]

Tonight's main event on NXT was the title match between NXT Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Tian Sha's Xia Li. Li has been on a tear recently, and she was looking to cap off that run with a win over Gonzalez, which would give Tian Sha the first taste of gold. Gonzalez imposed her will on Li right off the bat, and Li couldn't seem to get a foothold, as Gonzalez charged her and knocked her down on the mat. Li then kicked the back of her knee and jumped on her back, and then managed to get up on Gonzalez's shoulders, but Gonzalez threw her into the corner.

She then there Li into the corner again and after a swift evasion by Li Gonzalez hit Li with a huge boot to the face, which knocked her out of the ring. She then picked up Li and slammed her into the post, and Li rolled out of the ring to catch her breath.

Gonzalez then went for another big kick but Li dodged it and it sent Gonzalez into the post. Li then wrapped Gonzalez's leg around the post and slammed it multiple times, doing some big-time damage to it. She then slammed her into the steel steps, and when they were back in the ring Li kept attacking the leg and knee with kicks, grounding the Champion.

Li kept up the attack and had the Champion on the ropes, but Gonzalez was able to push past the pain and get in some offense, halting the assault. She gained some momentum but when she went for a suplex the leg was clearly giving way, and Li used that to ground her once again. She attacked the leg again and then the lower back, and she went for a pin but Gonzalez kicked out.

Gonzalez then pushed through again and hit a splash off the top rope, but Li kicked out of the pin. At that point the medical team came out to check on Li, who seemed to be breathing hard after the splash. Eventually, she was cleared by the team and Gonzalez hit her with a Power Bomb, followed by a pin and the win.

Here's hoping Li is okay and that was just a work and not a real injury.

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