New WWE Documentary on Paige Set To Debut Following NXT TakeOver Phoenix

With all eyes on WWE this weekend for the Royal Rumble and NXT TakeOver, the company is using the [...]

With all eyes on WWE this weekend for the Royal Rumble and NXT TakeOver, the company is using the timing to debut two brand new documentaries.

WWE had previously announced that the latest edition of their WWE 24 series on the WWE Network would debut following the Royal Rumble on Sunday night. This particular documentary will focus on last year's WrestleMania in New Orleans.

More recently, WWE has now announced the latest on their Chronicle series, which will debut following NXT TakeOver Phoenix on Saturday evening. This edition of WWE Chronicle will follow the return of Paige to WWE and is debuting just in time to capitalize on the upcoming release of Fighting With My Family, the Dwayne Johnson produced film on the life of Paige and her family.

The trailer for Paige: WWE Chronicle was released on Friday. You can view it below.

The documentary will focus on Paige's brief return to active competition in 2017, which, after a lengthy absence, proved to be the end of her in-ring career. Though she has found tremendous success since that time as on screen character outside of the ring, the original transition had to be rough and viewers will see that first hand with behind the scenes footage.

WWE's description of the special reads as follows:

"Paige was born to be a WWE Superstar. She was the first NXT Women's Champion and captured the Divas Championship in her WWE debut. In June 2016, though, the raven-haired Superstar was sidelined for 17 months. Follow the two-time Divas Champion from her unexpected November 2017 return to the heartbreaking revelation that she can never compete again."

Several editions of Chronicle have been released by WWE over the past year. Evidently, the Paige edition was supposed to be the first release, however WWE pushed it back to coincide with the release of Fighting With My Family.

"I was the first one to have a Chronicle and it shows me the first day I come back in WWE, walking into the building, seeing everyone for the first time, then literally wrestling every single week, having my singles match with Sasha, doing this, doing that, then it shows me breaking my neck, pretty much," Paige told The Mirror last September.

"Then he [Joey, WWE Chronicle producer] comes with me to the doctors and it shows the doctor telling me I can't wrestle anymore," she explained. "Then it shows me just being happy now I'm general manager. I can't wait for that to come out - if it does come out, who knows? I can't wait for that to come out because it's beautiful. That just made me cry watching it. It breaks my heart. I sometimes feel like 'I'm okay and I can get through this' but then I will watch that or I will watch Total Divas, and it reminds me I can't wrestle anymore and it does get to me. First and foremost, that was always my passion, I wanted to wrestle, but unfortunately it took me down a road that I can't do that anymore."