Report: Update Revealed on Sasha Banks' WWE Release

There's still quite a bit we don't know regarding the conflict between WWE, Sasha Banks, and Naomi, as Banks and Naomi haven't publicly commented on the matter since it happened and WWE hasn't said anything new since the initial announcements of indefinite suspensions for both stars. Reports that have come afterward have said they can't outright confirm whether or not Banks and Naomi have been released, but a new report from Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri, who initially reported that Banks had been released, states that Banks was indeed released by WWE on June 10th.

Giri also says that the release came from Erika Schreiber, the Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations. The last note of the report indicates why WWE hasn't said anything about the release or removed her from the roster page on the official website, with the rumor being that leadership is trying to smooth things over.

It's not really known if that means they are trying to smooth things over to possibly bring her back or just trying to smooth things over to a point where things are less contentious once the announcement is made. Hopefully, things become clearer soon, but in the meantime, you can find Giri's full post from Twitter above.

Giri wrote "Here's what I know about Sasha Banks. She was released on June 10th and it came from Erika Schreiber, VP of Business and Legal Affairs for Talent Relations. As for why WWE has not said anything or removed her, the rumor is that leadership is trying to smooth things over"

WWE fans are obviously going to be disappointed if Banks is in fact no longer part of WWE, though others will probably be excited to see Banks join a company like AEW or Impact, though she could always look to jump into more acting roles as well after the success of her character in The Mandalorian. There's also no word yet on what is going on with Naomi, though to this point no reports have said she has been released.

Since this situation started there's also been no word on what is going to happen to the Women's Tag Team Championships, as a planned tournament to decide new Champions was seemingly abandoned after the initial announcement, and nothing has been heard of the Titles since.