Ric Flair Claims He's Cleared to Take Bumps Again

Ric Flair has an interesting history when it comes to retiring from wrestling.His last match was [...]

Ric Flair has an interesting history when it comes to retiring from wrestling.

His last match was supposed to be at WrestleMania 24 against Shawn Michaels, but between his numerous matches in Impact Wrestling as well as his return appearances on WWE television, Flair has never strayed too far from the squared circle.

And even at the ripe old age of 69, Flair apparently can still take bumps in the ring if he so chooses. The 16-time world champion confirmed that fact in a recent interview on The Steve Austin Show.

"I had difficulty doing anything when I still had that bag on my side that was attached to my intestines because it sat right at my waistline and it was hard, but as soon as I got that off, I was back doing 500 free squats," Flair said. To me, I just need a goal. Does that make sense? But I finally got the weight back on and then I found myself putting more weight back on than I wanted, so I have to be careful with that, but I've been working out. I can do anything, benchpress.

"I have to be careful after surgery, the second surgery, for hernia issues. But I literally took it easy. I didn't do anything. And now I'm full speed ahead. The guys have cleared me to do anything. I've actually been cleared to get knocked down in the ring. I didn't know if they were going to use me in some capacity and you know the clearances you have to have with the health policy, which is so adamant."

In August 2017 Flair suffered a serious health scare when he had to be rushed to the hospital to have an obstructive piece of his bowel removed, which led to kidney failure. Yet even with the scare Flair was able to pull through and was out of the hospital the following month.

Since his health scare Flair has made several appearances on WWE television (most recently at the Starrcade live event) and got married to Wendy Barlow (a former WCW valet who went by Fifi the Maid).

Elsewhere in the interview, Flair spoke on how his daughter Charlotte has stepped out of his shadow and made her own name in the wrestling business.

"She's built her own brand. And I'm not saying this because I am proud of her, but I'm saying it because number one she's that good," Flair said. "Number two, she's made herself unique. I wish I could tell you I was the athlete in any time of my life that she is. I wasn't, and very few people are. She's got a gift, and she's found her niche... I mean, right now, she's driving to some town and she's thinking about her match tonight. And sometimes I wish she would take it easy and relax.

"She's definitely out of my shadow and doing her own thing, and I think everybody recognizes that."