RVD’s Thoughts on Becky Lynch, and Why He Watches the Current WWE Product

Former WWE and ECW Champion Rob Van Dam recently spoke with ComicBook.com about Headstrong, his new documentary that details his difficulties dealing with concussions while embarking on a stand-up comedy tour. During the interview, RVD commented on many topics, including whether or not he follows the current WWE product.

"I follow it somewhat," he said. "Mostly 'cause my girlfriend, Katie Forbes, is an up and coming wrestler. So, I will watch it with her sometimes to try to help her out, to point stuff out that I see, whether good or bad, that I think she could learn from. So, I do watch it with her sometimes."

Since he watches WWE to help coach his girlfriend, this means that RVD pays particularly close attention to the women's division, and the "Whole F'N Show" also discussed who's impressed him the most out of there.

"I pointed Becky Lynch out to her, I don't know, at least a year ago," RVD said. "And, when I first started tuning into it and watching it, I just said, 'She's good.' I said, 'She's got everything. She's so credible with her talking, with the execution of moves, everything.' So, I'm not surprised to see her get a really big push right now. I recognize that in her. So, I'm glad for her. I haven't seen on TV why they call her, 'The Man,' but I could guess."

"It's not a very sexy, feminine title to have," he added, "but, I don't think that's necessarily what she's going for."


Rob Van Dam can be seen next over Wrestlemania weekend when he teams with Sabu against The Lucha Brothers at IMPACT Wrestling's "United We Stand" event. Until then, check out his new documentary Headstrong, available now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and VUDU.