WWE's Seth Rollins Defends Recent Stretch of Lackluster Raw Episodes

Raw has made some dubious headlines in recent weeks as WWE's flagship show has set new records for [...]

Raw has made some dubious headlines in recent weeks as WWE's flagship show has set new records for poor viewership. Naturally, this had lent itself to no shortage of mockery on social media, but Seth Rollins is taking the stand for WWE.

After a wrestling journalist bashed WWE for their "embarrassing" stretch of Raw's a former writer for Vince McMahon's company retorted by indicating how hard it is to write three news hours of TV every week. And Rollins piggybacked that sentiment.

"That's the one thing I don't think people understand. 5 hours of live TV every week. EVERY WEEK. Add in all the extraneous variables that affect the final outcome....and it's a modern miracle that the shows come together as well as they do," wrote Rollins.

The scrutiny of Raw may be warranted, but the quality of the show is suffering for a number of justifiable reasons. The most prominent being the absence of Roman Reigns. After winning the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, it looked like Reigns would sit in WWE's throne for years. But a few months later, the re-emergence of his leukemia forced him to leave the company. In his wake, WWE has been left to scramble for answers, as they search for their new top guy.

While Reigns exit and the absence of other key players like Kevin Owens certainly have changed the chemistry of Raw, the main reason why the Monday night show is so skippable may come down to timing. It's December. While The Royal Rumble looms, WWE has little incentive to unleash it's the best idea in a month where fewer people are glued to their screens.

But really, as Rollins pointed out, WWE is responsible for five hours of live TV per week. Anyone who knows Saturday Night Live is aware that the quality of the show comes an goes, but they only have to cover an hour time block — with even getting an offseason.

WWE may be the most ambitious entertainment company in the world. Five hours of live TV a week is not sustainable, yet, they try it every single week — no matter what.

So yes, Raw has been bad, but, considering the circumstances, it may have no other option than to stink right now. However once 2019 arrives, WWE will have to pick up the pace as they march to WrestleMania 35.