Seth Rollins Brings Back 'Burn It Down' Theme, Talks About A New 'Vision' On SmackDown

Seth Rollins made his return to WWE SmackDown on Friday night. Following a surprise return at the Royal Rumble, this was his first non-PPV appearance since November. Rollins had been off due to the birth of his first child alongside Becky Lynch. Though Rollins returned at the Rumble with his Messiah theme song, he went back to the old "Burn It Down" theme on SmackDown.

WWE had the entire locker room surround the ring for Rollins' return as they hyped it up big time. Rollins came out and seemed to act like a babyface at first. He talked about being off for the birth of his daughter and how it had changed him in ways that he never thought possible.

However, then he went on a rant that clearly positioned him as a heel once again.

"I am the great leader that SmackDown needs to push into the future and make it greater than it already is," Rollins said. "Because success and's not about what you can do for me, it's about what I can do for you. Because I can be your leader. I can be your teacher. Your father. Your mentor. It's easy, all you have to do for a better tomorrow, a better SmackDown, all you have to do is embrace the vision."

During the speech, everyone that surrounded the ring walked out except for Cesaro. Rollins said that he knew of all the people, Cesaro would get it and see the vision. Cesaro then shook his head and walked off too. Rollins then ran out of the ring and took Cesaro down with a chop block to the knee. Rollins stomped away on him in the aisle and then pummeled him while sreaming "you will never live up to your potential without me."


Eventually, some officials came out to break it up, as well as Daniel Bryan. Bryan pushed Rollins off and Rollins glared back as the segment ended.