R-Truth Defeats Shinsuke Nakamura For The WWE U.S. Title On SmackDown

The WWE United States Championship situation had a major shake-up on Tuesday night.

Shinsuke Nakamura defended the U.S. title against R-Truth on SmackDown, and surprisingly, lost the title in a match that was an after thought for most watching the show. The rationale for his title shot was that due to not being able to compete in the Royal Rumble match (Nia Jax replaced him), R-Truth had been granted the U.S. title shot as consolation.

The finish of the match was bizarre, with R-Truth rolling up Nakamura with a small package as a referee Mike Chioda counted to three.

Both Truth and Nakamura continued working the match as if that wasn't the finish in the immediate aftermath, but Chioda quickly called for the bell and awarded the title to R-Truth. Everyone involved appeared confused, leading fans to wonder if that was the planned finish or if someone messed up. However, according to sources at WWE, R-Truth was indeed booked to win the title in the match.

Following the title change, Rusev came down the ramp and challenged the new champion. Truth accepted and we had another match, which was also won by Truth following a roll-up after what was a very brief contest.

Nakamura then re-emerged at ringside following the match. He got into the ring with Rusev, and after exchanging looks, both men eventually ended up beating down R-Truth together.