Super Fan Builds WWE Entertainment Center

Previous Super-Fan Builds have certainly impressed on more than one occasion, but this was [...]

SuperFanBuilds WWE
(Photo: Super-Fan Builds)

Previous Super-Fan Builds have certainly impressed on more than one occasion, but this was probably the one that stirred up the most jealousy.

For their latest build, the team at Super Fan Build's decided to theme the project after the WWE. The recipient of all this custom goodness is WWE superfan and Screen Junkies contributor Nick Mundy. Mundy already hosts his own show on the network called Mundy Night Raw, so they really couldn't have picked a better person.

Mundy's excitement is infectious, and he explained just where his love of the WWE comes from.

"Well, WWE has everything that I love. Athleticism, costumes, pageantry, music, fireworks, explosions, guys jumping off tables. It has these guys who will do anything like literally risk their lives just to entertain us, so it's the best thing ever."

Shane Hammond and the team at Set Masters then needed to know what wrestlers he liked most, and while the list was long, it came around to The Hart Foundation, The New Day, and anything Mick Foley. Set Masters took that idea and ran with it, and custom built an entertainment unit that would feel right at home in a WWE ring.

First, they modeled the frame on the towers that you see holding the Titantron in place at a WWE live event. Then they based the foundation of the unit on the ring, and actually got a real ring mat from WWE. On the towers, the crew used 3 blocks of programmable LED pixel tape, which can be separately programmed.

After they delivered the finished product to Mundy, well, his reaction was priceless. Plus, not only does it look slick, the TV they included actually lowers down inside the "announcers desk". The desk also includes a display case, where the team assembled a treasure trove of WWE-inspired goodies, including a box of Booty O's, a championship belt, Bret Hart glasses, and an autographed Mr. Socko.

You can watch the entire episode on go90.