Epic Games Store's Next Free Game Is a Chaotic Hit

Epic Games Store users won't want to miss this next free game.

Epic Games is gearing up to give away another free mystery game very soon via the Epic Games Store, but as is the case with most of these giveaways, we already have an idea of what this game is going to be. Epic Games sometimes teases these mystery games just before release to give people a chance to figure them out, but this time, the secret has been spoiled even sooner. That's because a new report about the Epic Games Store giveaways that was shared this week suggests that the next free Epic Games Store game will be Chivalry 2, a chaotic, multi-person war game that's as entertaining as it is difficult to master.

New of the next free Epic Games Store game that you'll play from the Epic launcher comes from bill-bil kun, the leaker who often shares accurate information about PlayStation Plus games and other freebies and has so far been spot on with what the Epic Games Store's mystery games will be. Instead of teasing it like Epic Games sometimes does, bill-bil kun instead outright said that the next game will be Chivalry 2.

If you're unfamiliar with Chivalry 2, the medieval war game first began its life on the PC platform back in 2021 as an Epic Games Store exclusive for awhile before it came to other launchers. While Chivalry 2 has several different game modes, it broadly pits players against each other on teams with various objectives to complete throughout the course of a match that push one side towards overwhelming the other. Players can choose from a mix of classes, subclasses, and weapons both standard and improvised while they hack, shoot, and teamkill their way through a match.

Chivalry 2 also supports up to 64 players in a match which is where much of the chaos comes into play. These Chivalry 2 battles you'll see most often devolve into two walls of players clashing against each other with dismemberment and friendly fire running rampant. More tactical players will survive for longer before using up a respawn, but there's always the chance that a stray ballista bolt or throwable object will take you out when you least expect it.

That's not to say that there's no strategy or coordination in Chivalry 2, however. Those who've been playing it since launch or were playing the first Chivalry before it will tell you that those qualities are key to surviving and winning in Chivalry 2 even if things look like a mess most of the time. Unfortunately for newcomers, the Chivalry 2 community has not always been super receptive to aspiring combatants when the game is given away for free or comes to things like PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass given that there's a learning curve which takes some getting used to, but it's easy enough to get acclimated after a few rounds.

Chivalry 2 will supposedly be free via the Epic Games Store starting on May 30th. The game also just its new Regicide Update this past week, so if it is indeed free soon, players will have plenty of new content to check out.