Elden Ring Is Getting an Anime Short That Already Looks Top Tier

Elden Ring is getting an impressive fan-anime by the team at SteinsAlter.

By now, Elden Ring has forged a legacy that the world won't be overlooking anytime soon. The game, which released in 2022, has become a critical success with more than 23 million copies sold. To date, the title has expanded its reach with merchandise to manga. And now, an anime take on Elden Ring is going viral ahead of its first look.

The project in question comes courtesy of SteinsAlter, an indie production group that posts animated shorts online. This month, the group announced plans to release an Elden Ring anime, and the tribute looks exceptionally good.

"This will be 3 minutes filled with cinematically composed sakuga that adapts and recreates moments from Elden Ring, we will be aiming to release the best animation possible for us," the group shared after posting an official character sheet for Malenia, a revered boss from the game.

As you can see above, the character sheet shows how much detail is going into this Elden Ring anime, and fans are rightfully obsessed. The expansive world of Elden Ring has a lot to play with, and its action-packed plot is ripe for an anime. Thanks to SteinsAlter, fans will get to see how the game works on the small screen. The fan-anime is set to debut its trailer this June, so you can expect more to come from this impressive project.

Clearly, the Elden Ring fandom is on another level with this anime adaptation, and the community is not alone in its love. As anime continues to grow globally, more and more fan-made shorts are coming to life. These tributes are only going up in quality as projects like Berserk's fan-anime have earned praise online. And now, Elden Ring is set to join those ranks. 

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