Top Gun: Maverick Star Jon Hamm Reveals Love of Professional Wrestling

It's been thirty-six years since the original Top Gun arrived in theaters, and this year is set to see the sequel to this beloved 1980s classic in the form of Top Gun: Maverick. Set to return to his role from the first film, Tom Cruise will be joined by a bevy of famous actors, with Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame being among them. In a recent interview, Hamm shared details on his love of professional wrestling, the era that took place within the industry in the 1980s, as well as his favorite wrestlers.

In speaking with Sports Illustrated regarding the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Hamm shared his love of professional wrestling while also claiming to always be a fan of the 1980s era of the World Wrestling Federation, now named World Wrestling Entertainment: 

"That's the golden era of professional wrestling. I'll always be an '80s WWF guy."  

Hamm goes so far as to break down how professional wrestling and film acting can be quite similar: 

"In film acting, you're only as good as the person you're sharing that space with, and in this case, I had the opportunity to share it with one of Hollywood's greatest movie stars.   It's no different [in pro wrestling]; you need that [heel], that someone to play off of. And when you have a guy named Maverick, you know he's the one who's going to break the rules. You also need the guy who's going to establish the rules, and that was my job. Through that relationship comes a lot of dramatic tension that builds up throughout the film."

Hamm also shared his love of Andre the Giant, who remains a legend within the world of professional wrestling to this day, while also stating that the match between Andre and Hulk Hogan from WrestleMania 4 will always stick with him: 

"I was a big Andre the Giant fan. He made everything he did so interesting. And Hogan slamming Andre, that's a moment you never forget. I'll always be in awe of that '80s era."  

What do you think of Hamm's love of all things wrestling? Do you think we'll see the Mad Men star one day step in the ring? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling. 

Via Sports Illustrated