UFC's Conor McGregor Reveals His Ron McMahon WWE Character

UFC's Conor McGregor reveals his babyface boss WWE character Ron McMahon

There are many who wonder whether or not Conor McGregor will ever make the jump to WWE, and while that question still needs to be answered, McGregor did reveal he's given some thought to who his WWE character would be. On Twitter McGregor introduced fans to his WWE character Ron McMahon, whom he nicknamed the babyface boss. McGregor's description of the character certainly references some Vince McMahon elements, and you can find that description below. You won't find the actual post though, as that has seemingly been deleted or taken down (via Fightful).

In the tweet, McGregor wrote, "My WWE character. The babyface boss, Ron McMahon. I specialize in ambush, and power control. Abandoned by the family in Ireland but made my own fortune brewing alcohol. And now I'm back. And boy am I pissed -- @WWE @VinceMcMahon."

In the past, McGregor has sparred online with WWE Superstars, and his trash talk hasn't instilled much confidence that he might someday jump into a WWE ring. WWE SmackDown superstar Grayson Waller however thinks it could still happen, and he also thinks that a tag team featuring himself and McGregor would be a perfect tag team for WrestleMania.

"I genuinely think Grayson Waller and Conor McGregor as a tag team at WrestleMania is something that could happen," Waller said on The MMA Hour. "Conor is going to find his way to WWE in some way. I think I'm the perfect person to help him with that. Put me in with you, bro. I have no problem doing that. I think that's something that's going to happen."

"I know online he says 'never' and he doesn't like wrestling, and he says those things, but there is too much money to be made," Waller continued. "You can only fight for so long. He's another guy who has so much happening in his life, it's hard to commit 100 percent to the fight game," Waller said.

"Look at Logan Paul. He's a part-time guy, but he's really good at what he does. He's great to watch and making waves. He's wrestling at WrestleMania and I think Conor can do the exact same. All he would need is that one night, and you get the bug," Waller said. "Logan got the bug. At first, he was just doing it as a bit of fun on the side, and then he was like, 'this is really fun, I love doing this.' Conor just needs to jump in and I'm more than happy to be the guy who brings him in."

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