Watch: DX Reunites, Attacks Baron Corbin Following SmackDown

WWE SmackDown on Friday concluded with Triple H leading an NXT invasion of the show, complete with a tank, similar to what DX did to WCW in 1998.

However, that wasn't the end of the references to DX. After SmackDown went off the air, a DX reunion happened in the ring with Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Brian James (Road Dogg).

As the DX theme played over the loud speakers, the three got in the ring with "King" Baron Corbin, who was left all alone. Corbin tried to stave off the attack as Triple H called Corbin "the sole survivor." He went on to say Corbin was the most impressive thing he has seen all night.

Triple H then said they made an executive decision to offer him a spot in DX. Corbin celebrated. Triple H directed all the guys to line up as he did the "are you ready" routine. He said "for the millions watching around the world...and Baron Corbin." The crowd chanted "STD" and Triple H agreed, saying "you just can't get rid of him. He is like an STD."

Then, watch what happened below.

That was certainly one way to send the crowd home happy.

Chicago's Allstate Arena will host WWE television for the next three nights in a row, with NXT TakeOver War Games tonight, WWE Survivor Series on Sunday night, and WWE RAW on Monday night.


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