Watch: WWE's Rhea Ripley and Dominik Just Brutally Attacked Rey Mysterio at Thanksgiving Dinner

Poor Rey Mysterio can't seem to catch a break when it comes to his son Dominik Mysterio, and that includes even having a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner. That's because Rey's Thanksgiving meal with the family was interrupted by Dominik and his Judgement Day partner Rhea Ripley, and it didn't take long for their appearance at the dinner to go south. Things would soon dissolve into chaos, and it would end with Rey taking a brutal beating on his already injured leg and foot, and Dominik would even smash a picture frame against it. You can watch it all unfold in the video below.

It all started with Dominik bringing Ripley to the Mysterio home, and he told her he thought the family was going to love her and he was excited to bring 'mami' to his mom's Thanksgiving dinner. A knock on the door later and Dominik's mom came to the door, shocked to see her son in the first place and then doubly shocked to see cameras filming and Ripley with him.

She told him it wasn't a good time and shut the door, and he assured Ripley it was fine. Then Rey came to the door and told them to leave and that they weren't going to disrupt Thanksgiving dinner. They went back and forth a bit and then Rey went to shut the door, but Ripley wasn't having it.

She pushed the door open which knocked Rey to the floor, and then Dominik started showing Ripley pictures of the family. He then broke one over Rey's leg cast, and then he dragged him towards another room. Ripley then put her foot on the back of his neck and pinned him down, and Dominik grabbed a broomstick.

The family was asking Dominik to stop but he told them to relax and then he slammed the broomstick across the cast, breaking it and doing even more damage to Rey's hurt leg. Dominik and Rhea looked happy as they walked out of the house, and Rey looked in serious pain.

Rey's been on SmackDown lately while Dominik has been a part of Raw's Judgement Day alongside Ripley. It remains to be seen if these two will face each other sooner than later, though that can't happen until Rey recovers from his injury. It's a match that will be the next logical step of this long-running storyline, and we are eager to see how it all plays out.