Windham (Bray Wyatt) Trademark Possibly Reveals new Ring Name

Windham Rotunda has fans buzzing once more, as the former WWE Superstar has registered a trademark for the name WYATT 6. Windham, who formerly went by Bray Wyatt in WWE, looks too be doing a spin on the name for new merchandise, as the filing says it is intended to cover hats, sweatshirts, and more. If it's going to be on merchandise, it would seem that this is either a new ring name or some kind of faction name. We'll have to wait and see how this all plays out, but you can find the full filing description below.

The filling's description reads "Mark For: WYATT 6 trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of hats; Shirts; Sweatshirts; Bandanas; Hooded sweatshirts." You can check out the full filing with the USPTO here.

Windham hasn't revealed where he might end up next, though many have pointed to Impact Wrestling or AEW as the most likely places. Windham has been keeping busy with other things since his WWE departure, including working on a movie project. He worked on that project with special makeup effects artist Jason Baker, who also worked with him in WWE on the Firefly Fun House, and in an interview with RocknRoll Beer Guy he provided some details on the film.

"It's happening. It's going. We did some stuff in November in Tennessee and we're working on some more stuff," Baker said. "It's coming along. Hopefully, people like it once we get it all put together. I had such a blast working with him and directing him when we did the original, first eight Firefly Fun House segments, we just clicked and became really good friends. He's an amazing collaborator and one of the smartest people I know. Why wouldn't I want to (work with him)?"

"We have some other really good people involved. It should be fun once we finally get to put boots to the ground, which is always the hardest part, getting all your ducks in a row, which we're working on, and going from there," Baker said.

Hopefully, we'll get some kind of indication on Windham's next destination soon, but wherever he ends up, fans will be thrilled to see him back in a wrestling ring.

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H/T Fightful