WWE Superstar Reportedly Asked For Release

Update: According to a new report WWE has denied Andrade's request for a release from the company. [...]

Update: According to a new report WWE has denied Andrade's request for a release from the company. Original article is below.

WWE superstar Andrade hasn't been seen on television since the latter half of 2020 after Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss attacked him and then manager Zelina Vega. We've heard various rumblings of possible pairings with real-life fiance Charlotte Flair and a previous social media post of Andrade's had some thinking he might be headed to NXT, but so far nothing has materialized in the ring. If a new report ends up being true, WWE just might not be in his future. According to Wrestling Inc, Andrade asked for his release this past Monday during the Raw tapings, but no word yet on WWE's response.

At one point Andrade became a more permanent fixture on Monday Night Raw, as he was one of the stars Paul Heyman, who was then executive director of Raw, was attempting to push. Once Heyman was removed from that role that was no longer the case, and Heyman would move over to SmackDown to work with Roman Reigns shortly after.

Since then Andrade hasn't returned, and he hasn't been utilized on television since October of 2020, and since then Charlotte, who took some time away from WWE, has returned to action. Some previous reports indicated that when Andrade and Charlotte returned to television they would be paired up to work in their real-life a bit into their characters, but Charlotte returned on her own.

Andrade had fans talking again thanks to a social media post that had an image of him with the NXT Championship during his reign on the black and gold brand, hinting that he might be headed back to NXT. Again, nothing materialized.

If he has requested his release, there are a number of options for him to pursue, whether that be a return to New Japan or a debut in Impact Wrestling or All Elite Wrestling. AEW and Impact have signed a number of former WWE stars in recent months, but with someone of Andrade's talents, there is always room for another person who can go in the ring. That said, there's always a chance he could work out something with WWE and return to the ring on Raw or SmackDown, but either way, we just hope we see him in a ring somewhere in the near future.

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