WWE's Becky Lynch Describes Her Interactions With UFC's Conor McGregor

WWE's Becky Lynch and UFC's Conor McGregor have been connected in the eyes of wrestling fans ever since the reigning SmackDown Women's Champion took on her persona as "The Man" back in 2018. The two have interacted on social media in the past and Lynch even did the voiceover for McGregor's fight against Dustin Poirier earlier this year, but the two have surprisingly never met face-to-face. Lynch recently spoke with BT Sport and said that despite McGregor's hot-headed reputation, he's never been anything but nice to her.

"So I robbed one of his lines quite recently," Lynch said. "When I said, 'I apologize for absolutely nothing.' I was like, 'Hey, by the way, I'm robbing one of your lines.' He was very nice and very complimentary to me after that. So I haven't actually met him, but I've got so much respect for Conor in terms of what he can do and he's always been nothing but nice to me in any interaction we've had via messages,"

Lynch stepped away from pro wrestling in May 2020 right after announcing she was pregnant with her first child. She and Seth Rollins then welcomed their daughter, Roux, back in December. Lynch made her surprise return to WWE at SummerSlam last month, immediately won the SmackDown Women's title from Bianca Belair and is now operating as a heel on the Blue Brand. 

Belair revealed in an interview with Inside The Ropes last week that her title loss match wit Lynch back at SummerSlam was completely a last-minute decision. She then failed to win the title back at Extreme Rules when Sasha Banks returned from hiatus and caused a disqualification.

"It was pretty much very, very, very, very, very last minute. Pretty much when I was in the ring up - until the time that I went out [to the ring]. Very late call, very late moment, everything, all the emotions that you saw in my face during the match at SummerSlam, were real emotions, shock. Kind of just like, 'Wow, this is happening. Ok, let's go with it and just be great at what you do.' So it was a very, very last minute call," Belair said.

"But for me, I think I've been able to come out on top of it all by just recovering so quickly," she later added. "And I think my journey, everything has been coming so quickly and I've just been capitalizing off of it and rising to the occasion and continue to build my reputation as someone who is always dependable and shows up and shows out and puts on a great show and performs and you know, I have a reputation being great at what I do. But I think coming out of this, most people would see me getting beat in twenty-six seconds [and think] 'oh no, it's the end of her.' But I think it's kind of showing how much the fans are behind me, how much I really am the EST. I'm not going to give up and whenever I see an occasion keep going. So I think it's a great story. Great feud with Becky and you know when and if - I will say when I get my title back - it's going to be an even bigger moment for me."