Update on Braun Strowman's Future After WWE Release

Braun Strowman was one of the six Superstars released by the WWE last week, and so far he's the [...]

Braun Strowman was one of the six Superstars released by the WWE last week, and so far he's the only wrestler in 2021 to be let go by the company that previously held a world championship. Strowman has remained relatively quiet about his plans for his post-WWE career, simply thanking everyone for the most recent chapter of his life. However, PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported on Wednesday that promoters who have reached out to Strowman for future bookings have been met with a five-figure asking price.

"We have heard from independent promoters that reached out to Braun Strowman that the asking price is currently in the five-figure range," Johnson wrote. "We are told that Strowman is pretty set financially and doesn't need to immediately run out and do bookings, but if a promoter comes along and meets the right price, that's a different story."

Strowman had previously stated in interviews that, in the event he would be released by the WWE, he would simply retire from pro wrestling rather than work elsewhere. Whether or not he intends to stick to that plan remains to be seen.

"I've said it time and time again: the day I take my wrestling boots off for WWE is the day I stop wrestling," Strowman told Lilian Garcia last year. "I will not wrestle for anyone else. I've been given an opportunity from Vince McMahon and from WWE at life that I would have never gotten [anywhere else]. I told him a long time ago, the day I take my boots off from you, I'm done. And I mean that."

During that same interview, Strowman described what it was like beating Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 for the Universal Championship

"It was nuts. I mean, Bill Goldberg, a guy when I was younger, I idolized. Bill and I have kindled a good relationship over the years [since] I've been here," Strowman recalled. "We're both meatheads. We both like to go to the gym. He's also a car guy, too. So, we have a lot in common.

"[This] whole aspect was neat because I became friends with a guy I idolized as a teenager, to now sharing the squared circle with him and beating him for the Universal Championship," he continued. "It was just, it's still kind of like, I'm waiting for someone to wake me up."

Do you think Strowman will wind up in another promotion? Or are the days of seeing "The Monster Among Men" in a wrestling ring over? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.