WWE's Bron Breakker Retains NXT Title and Gets Challenge from NXT UK Champion at Heatwave

The main event of WWE NXT Heatwave was the battle for the NXT Championship between Bron Breakker and JD McDonagh, and there was no love lost between the two in the lead-up to this match. The two stars have both tried to get in their shots at each other ahead of the match, but tonight was their chance to leave it all in the ring. They certainly did, and while McDonagh came close several times, it was Breakker who would retain his Title. He didn't get long to celebrate though, as after his win NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate headed to the ring and stood face to face with the NXT Champion, indicating we could be getting a match between the two sometime soon.

The two circled each other and then McDonagh target the shoulder of the Champion quickly, but Breakker pushed him away. McDonagh went for it again and tried to wrap it around the ropes, but Breakker pushed him away again and slapped him in the face. Breakker was keeping his attacks focused and after an impressive hold slammed the challenger down. Breakker knocked JD down and then gave chase to him but dodged his attack and brought his arm down hard over the ropes, putting more pressure on his shoulder.

Then Breakker lifted him and slammed him down and then hit a standing moonsault on McDonagh and went for the cover, but McDonagh kicked out. The challenger would get back into the fight though, keeping the Champion from building up speed and taking away his high-powered offense. McDonagh kept Breakker dazed and then hit a monster suplex on the Champion followed by strikes to the neck.

Breakker looked to get back into it but McDonagh knocked Breakker off the trop rope and then hit a nasty neck breaker over the turnbuckle. McDonagh got Breakker into the ring and then locked in a hold to wear down Breakker's neck and back even more. Breakker bought himself some space and then hit several strikes before hitting two shoulder tackles and then picking up JD and slamming him down with ease. Breakker charged up for the spear and but McDonagh evaded him and Breakker ran right into the post. McDonagh then locked in a submission right in the middle of the ring, putting pressure on Breakker's neck and back again but the Champion got to the rope to break it.

McDonagh went up top but Breakker cut it off and went up top as well. Breakker hit the Frankensteiner from the top rope and went for the cover but McDonagh kicked out of the cover attempt. McDonagh then took Breakker up top and hit a Spanish fly on Breakker and then followed it up with a spinebuster, but Breakker kicked out of the cover somehow.

McDonagh went for a move but Breakker evaded and hit the spear, knocking JD out of the ring. Breakker charged up again and hit the spear before hitting another spear. Then he picked up JD and slammed him down for the finisher, and that was it for the challenge.r Bron Breakker is still your NXT Champion.

That was when NXT UK Champion Tyler Bate's music hit, and the Champion came out to hold up his Title and stand face to face with Breakker. It looks like we could be getting a Champion vs Champion match-up here soon, and it should be fantastic.