WWE: Bron Breakker Vows to Eventually Beat Roman Reigns

Bron Breakker has been the hottest rising star on NXT since its 2.0 reboot back in September. He's already challenged for the NXT Championship once, then successfully pinned current champion Tommaso Ciampa in the main event of NXT WarGames pay-per-view this past Sunday. Breakker recently spoke with ViBe & Wrestling and claimed that he'll not only win the NXT Championship, but he'll one day defeat reigning Universal Champion Roman Reigns

"It starts with me becoming the NXT Champion. I think that's my first goal in sight right now. That's objective number one," Breakker said. "Then long-term, I want to be in WrestleMania. Whether that's a Main Event, whether that's being the World Champion going into the show, or whether that's winning a Championship at WrestleMania. No matter what the scenario is, I want to be at WrestleMania. I want to be a reliable talent. I want to be dependable, somebody that the company can count on and put the weight of the world on my back and say 'this guy can do it.'"

"I will fight Roman Reigns one day, for sure. I will beat him one day too," he added, before naming a few stars he'd also like to face on Raw. "As far as Raw goes, obviously Seth Rollins. There's just tons of guys between both brands. Bobby Lashley is another one. Big E is obviously WWE Champion right now. Drew McIntyre too."

In a separate interview with DailyDDT, Breakker confirmed he was the one who came up with his wrestling name.

"We were just sitting around one day and I'm like, 'Well, when I used to block people in football, I used to try to break them in half,'" Breakker said. "That was literally what I tried to do: snap them in half and break them. What if I'm the breaker? I break people, Breakker, and then it came to me. Bron is part of my first name and that's what we went with."

"What my dad and uncle did before me with some of their promos and stuff that they've done, they've laid all this groundwork," he added. "There's all this stuff out there for me to use if I want to. Obviously, I'm not going to bank my entire... that's not what I'm going for. I want to make a name for myself and stand on my own, but there's certain things out there we can use."