WWE Clash of Champions: Seth Rollins Retains WWE Universal Championship, Gets Attacked by The Fiend Bray Wyatt

It took four Curb Stomps and a Pedigree, but Seth Rollins managed to keep Brau Strowman down for a three count and retain the WWE Universal Championship on Sunday. But unfortunately for "The Beast Slayer," his victory celebration over the "Monster Among Men" was short-lived.

As Rollins stood on the top of the entrance ramp with his title held high, the lights and music throughout the arena began to distort. Suddenly Bray Wyatt's demonic persona The Fiend was behind Rollins, and hit hit the champ with a Sister Abigail before locking in his vicious Mandible Claw.

Wyatt made it clear in the weeks leading up to Sunday night's show that he wanted either Rollins or Strowman in a match at Hell in a Cell in October. It appears he made his choice with the reigning world champion


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