Watch: Goldberg Spears Bobby Lashley Off The Entrance Ramp at WWE Crown Jewel 2021

Goldberg cranked up the intensity for his latest match as he took on Bobby Lashley in a No Holds Barred, Falls Count Anywhere Match at Crown Jewel. The WWE Hall of Famer challenged "The All Mighty" to a rematch after SummerSlam due to Lashley putting his hands on Goldberg's teenage son, and after enduring an early offensive flurry from Lashley the 54-year-old legend proceeded to take out his frustration. The match eventually spilled its way up the entrance ramp, where the rest of The Hurt Business arrived to try and help Lashley. 

But Goldberg quickly dispatched of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. After whacking Lashley a few times with a kendo stick, the WCW icon speared Lashley off the entrance ramp through a table below. He then pinned the former WWE Champion for the win.

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