WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase and His Sons Ordered to Repay Millions Following Federal Audit

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase popped up on WWE's NXT programming numerous times over the summer. But in real life, the "Million Dollar Man" was dealing with serious legal issues after being involved in a massive embezzlement scandal. The issue involved the Heart of David Ministry, which DiBiase founded in 1999, and the millions it earned in welfare refunds after Brett DiBiase (Ted's son) became a deputy administrator for the Mississippi Department of Human Services. Brett pleaded guilty to creating fraudulent statements back in December and on Wednesday state auditor Shad White released an order for parties involved in the case to pay certain amounts of money. 

According to the Mississippi Free Press, DiBiase was ordered to pay $722,299, while Brett was ordered $225,950. Ted DiBiase Jr., who wrestling fans will remember as a former tag team champion and member of The Legacy faction in the WWE back in the late 2000s, apparently owes $3.9 million. Stay tuned for more details on the situation as they become available.

DiBiase was a roleplayer on NXT during the feud between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes, which led to both men holding the revived Million Dollar Championship before the Hall of Famer took it back. Triple H praised DiBiase for his involvement and the advice he provided wrestlers backstage. 

"You can't have somebody like Ted DiBiase be around and be at your shows without young talent going over to him and picking his brain and him interjecting and helping them learn," Triple H said during a media conference call over the summer (h/t Sportskeeda). "It's a wonderful part of having somebody like him around, not everybody in that generation comes around and is helpful or whatever, and some want to be, some don't. Ted is of a mindset that he just wants to help and he wants to give information, and he's there if people want to talk to them, they'll talk to him all day and answer questions and do stuff, so it's awesome having him around, I love it, the talent loves it."