Ted DiBiase Shares His Story About the Missing WWE Million Dollar Championship

Ted DiBiase has been synonymous with the Million Dollar Championship ever since he first [...]

Ted DiBiase has been synonymous with the Million Dollar Championship ever since he first introduced the title back in 1989. But, as "The Million Dollar Man" revealed in an interview with ComicBook on Friday, there was a time when the company thought he had run off with the belt after leaving the company in 1993.

"Way back when (Irwin R. Schyster) and I became tag champions, I sent the (Million Dollar Championship) back to the office with Terry Garvin, who was working for the company at the time. So fast forward, Mike and I won, lost, won and lost (the tag titles) and I leave the company," DiBiase said. "I get a phone call one day, they said, 'Ted we need for you to send us the Million Dollar belt. I said 'The Million Dollar belt is there,' and I told them the story, 'Terry Garvin, I had him take it back to the office.'

"Two days go by and I get a personal call from Linda McMahon. She says, 'Ted, we really need for you to send us the belt.' I said, 'Linda, do you really think for all you guys have done for me that I would try to steal the belt? I promise you, it's there somewhere.' Couple days go by, they called and said, 'We found it Ted!' I said, 'Great, where was it?' They said, 'Well, it was in the safe.' Why didn't you look there first?" he says with a chuckle.

DiBiase revived the championship earlier this year during the program between NXT's LA Knight and Cameron Grimes, who were fighting over who should take on the legacy of the Million Dollar Man. Knight wound up winning the title but is putting it on the line this Sunday against Grimes at NXT TakeOver 36. If Grimes loses, DiBiase will be forced to become Knight's butler. Alongside Knight and DiBiase, other former Million Dollar Champions include "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Virgil and Ted DiBiase Jr.

Check out the full card for NXT TakeOver 36 below! The event will take place inside WWE's Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando on Sunday night.