WWE: New Report Says WWE Interested in Bringing Back Braun Strowman

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding rumored signings lately, especially in regards to former [...]

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding rumored signings lately, especially in regards to former WWE talents that were cut from the company earlier this year. The buzz has become even bigger thanks to names of former WWE stars like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk being linked to AEW, and that could be the reason why WWE is rethinking some of those cuts. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer, WWE is interested in bringing Braun Strowman back to the company, adding "especially after recent AEW signings". Strowman would be free to sign with other promotions on Tuesday, August 31st after his 90-day non-compete expires.

Strowman was one of the most surprising cuts WWE has made over the past year, especially if you consider how much WWE pushed him over the past few years. It isn't known why they decided to cut him, but now it seems they are thinking of bringing him back.

It probably doesn't help that Mark Henry, who also recently signed with AEW, has been on the record about wanting Strowman in All Elite Wrestling, and rumors are that there have already been talks about the possibility.

Couple that with Aleister Black's AEW debut (after utilizing the fact that his contract had a 30 day non compete as opposed to a 90 day) and the rumored CM Punk and Daniel Bryan signings, and you can see why WWE would want to make sure the AEW roster doesn't get another boost from Strowman.

There were also reports that WWE was considering bringing back Black after they released him, but AEW scooped him up before that could happen. NXT did bring back Samoa Joe after WWE released him though, and now he's back on the black and gold brand and on the cusp of being in the title picture.

A lot of the talent previously released have found new homes (those with expired non-competes that is). We've seen Chelsea Green show up at Impact Wrestling, while Mickie James headed to NWA. As for AEW, Big Show, Henry, Christian Cage, and now Black have all joined the roster in recent months, and now we'll have to wait and see if Strowman ends up in the mix as well, or if he ends up back in WWE.

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