WWE's Jeff Hardy Debuts New Back Tattoo and Finisher

WWE's latest edition of SmackDown on FOX was quite a bit different, as the superstars threw down [...]

WWE's latest edition of SmackDown on FOX was quite a bit different, as the superstars threw down in front of a crowd of zero yet still managed to put on an entertaining show. One of the highlights of the evening was the return of Jeff Hardy, who returned to the ring after an injury pulled him off the board for a while. Hardy was his usual dynamic and energetic self in the ring, but he did bring along a few new elements with him, including a sweet and massive new back tattoo and a brand new finisher. The new move is called the Twist of Fury, and while it is a lot like his old Twist of Fate, it is tweaked slightly (via WrestlingInc). As for the reasoning for the new movie, it's likely related to Matt Hardy's new run in AEW, but we're still not sure.

As for the tattoo, Hardy showed it off a bit towards the end of the match, but you didn't really get a good look at it until an interview he did later in the night with Kayla Braxton. After the first part of the interview, he pulled his shirt up so the camera could get a full view of the tattoo, and he called it all part of the new 2020 version of Jeff Hardy.

This is also where he revealed that the tattoo has been a work in progress ever since July of last year.

"It's good to be back and by the way, this is the 2020 version of Jeff Hardy," Hardy said. "I started it in July and wasn't able to finish it because it was torture to get it done, but this is good enough. I've always wanted a back piece and here it is."

You can check out the new tattoo in the video above.

Hardy was happy to be back in the ring and elaborated a bit on the surreal experience of wrestling in front of no one.

"Well, I'm quite different," Hardy said. "But you're right, it was extremely different being out there in front of 'The Invisibles' and I feel like I've been a part of the first-ever SmackDown Twilight Zone, in a sense. It was very strange because I'd naturally, in my mind, envisioned me coming back to the WWE Universe that I know, with the claps and the juke, and all that good stuff, but it is what it is, man. With what's going on in the world we have to deal with it and make the best out of each and every day."

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