John Cena Launching WWE Evil Series on Peacock

John Cena has not appeared in a WWE ring since WrestleMania 36, but the 16-time world champion is now working on a new series that will put him back in the world of professional wrestling. According to a press release, Cena will create, produce and narrate a new series for Peacock titled WWE Evil, which will give a "psychological expose" on some of the most villainous characters in WWE history. The show was announced on Tuesday but a premiere date has not been confirmed.

It's ironic that Cena would be attached to a series like this, given that vocal fans begged WWE to turn him heel throughout his decade-plus run as a main-eventing babyface world champion. A similar situation had been brewing for years with WWE's current top star Roman Reigns, but the company finally pulled the trigger on turning him last August. Cena praised Reigns' performance as "The Tribal Chief" in a recent interview with Bleacher Report.

"Roman is walking in his own steps, he follows in no one's footsteps," Cena said. "This happens every time a marquee attraction has moved on. I went through it, everybody said it with Steve [Austin] and The Rock and I understand that. But Roman is crafting his own path, and I think it's very important to say that he's doing a great job. I feel this is the best he's ever been and that comes with comfort. I don't know what got him over that hill, but he's over it and that's a very important one to jump over."

"I just went out there comfortable with who I was and comfortable even if I failed," he continued. "Taking brave choices and those brave choices haven't stopped and aren't stopping today as I continue to try to challenge myself. Roman has hit that point and that is, for audiences, a beautiful thing. Now he's going to challenge himself and entertain the audience in ways they didn't think he was capable of."

Cena's growing acting career has prevented him from returning to WWE in any capacity for over a year, including WrestleMania 37 last month. But in various interviews, he has emphatically stated his WWE career is not over.

"I have a very young audience in WWE, a lot of kids and families," Cena told Jimmy Fallon last September while promoting his latest children's book. "And as my in-ring career with WWE is not as active, although not over, I wanted to continue to send messaging to those younger viewers."


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