WWE's Kevin Owens and Riddle Surprise Sami Zayn in Amazing Moment After SmackDown Goes Off Air

The Montreal crowd was spectacular during tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown, heightening several big moments throughout the night, and that included the outstanding Fatal 5-Way match to decide the challenger to Gunther's Intercontinental Championship. The match included Sheamus, Sami Zayn, Ricochet, Madcap Moss, and Happy Corbin, but there was no question Zayn's hometown crowd was rooting for him to win, as the pops were massive anytime it looked like he would win. Zayn, unfortunately, didn't win, but he got a fun surprise at the end of the night after SmackDown went off air from his longtime friend Kevin Owens, and you can watch the video courtesy of @AmandaCaliber below.

Owens surprised everyone and came out to a huge pop of his own after the show's TV broadcast ended, and he met Zayn in the ring. After having some fun with the crowd, Owens told Zayn that he wouldn't have been in WWE if it weren't for him, and the crowd started a Thank You Sami chant right after.

The Owens told Zayn he was "too good to be anybody's b****, including the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns." Zayn told him he was right, and that's why he was "nobody's b****"" and told Owens to take it back. After pushing him away a bit, Owens said he would take it back once "you get your balls back."

Then out of nowhere Riddle came to the ring and told the two to share a hug. After some convincing, which included starting a Hug chant, the two stars started to walk toward each other. Then Zayn lifted his arms after more noise from the crowd and Owens did the same, and after a bit more back and forth Zayn walked away. Then Riddle did some more talking and got them to try again, and this time it worked, with the two sharing a hug and the crowd losing it in the process.

It was an awesome moment and frankly, it was great to see the love for Zayn on the show and afterwards. Zayn has been doing some of the best work of his WWE career so far over the past few months, and he deserves all of the praise.

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