WWE's Nikki Cross Wins Women's Money in the Bank Match

Tonight's WWE Money in the Bank started off with the Women's Money in the Bank match, and after [...]

Tonight's WWE Money in the Bank started off with the Women's Money in the Bank match, and after some epic entrances, it was time to get to business and ring the bell. Well, except for Alexa Bliss, who stood on the turnbuckle stoically until everyone else hopped into action. She then finally got down and tried to command the briefcase down with her powers, but got suplexed shortly thereafter. Then it was a spree of action until Tamina cleared the ring, but Bliss hopped on her back. Tamina knocked her down and grabbed a ladder and then slammed her face-first into it, and then went about grabbing another ladder.

Then Liv Morgan headed up the ladder but Tamina knocked it over and then knocked over Morgan and Zelina Vega. Tamina put up another ladder but Asuka intervened. Tamina threw her through the ladder but she ducked underneath, knocked Natalya off the ring, and then knocked down Tamina. She then grabbed the ladder and put it upright again, and then slammed it down on Tamina. Tamina then picked it up though from underneath, but Morgan cleared Asuka off it and started climbing.

Natalya knocked it over and sent Morgan reeling, and then attacked Morgan again. Morgan looked like she had a sore leg as she tried to wrestle the ladder away from Natalya, and they both hit Nikki Cross with it. Then Naomi got on top of it but Tamina picked her up and hit her with a Samoa Drop.

Asuka and Vega pulled Tamina out of the ring, with Asuka sending her towards the barricade. In the ring Natalya had Morgan pinned with the ladder, but Bliss threw Natalya down and then climbed up the ladder towards Morgan very creepily. Natalya picked Bliss up though and slammed her down, but Bliss laughed in her face. She then sent Natalya face-first into the ladder and then slammed Morgan down and hit a Senton.

Bliss then went up the ladder but Vega headed up as well. They both met up top but Bliss managed to gain control of Vega and get her to head down, but Natalya broke the trance when she slammed Bliss down. Vega then went for Morgan, but Morgan managed to slam Vega headfirst into the ladder. Then Naomi caught Morgan and slammed her into Vega, who was laying on the ladder. Naomi then went towards the ladder, but Natalya and Tamina intervened. Naomi took out both but she was stopped by Cross, though she would slam Cross across a ladder. Then Natalya went up the ladder, but Vega got on her back as she climbed.

Natalya had the briefcase in her hand as Vega choked her, but before Vega could grab it Morgan broke it up and slammed both stars to the ground. Then chaos broke out with everyone landing punches, but Cross climbed to the top of the ladder and dove onto all of the other competitors (except for Bliss, who wasn't in the ring).

Cross had the ladder but she was ambushed by Bliss, who hit a Sister Abigail on Cross. She tried to go up but Natalya and Tamina got to her and sent her outside of the ring, and then they took a ladder and charged Bliss with it against the barricade. Then they stacked ladders on top of Bliss, and then everyone jumped in and stacked ladders on top of her.

Morgan was in the ring next, and she went up quickly. Tamina caught her but Morgan sent Tamina into the corner and hit her with kicks. Natalya then hit Morgan with a forearm and set up another ladder. Then we had three ladders set up and everyone was up top fighting, and it was Cross who ended up grabbing the briefcase and coming away with the win.

Here's the full card for tonight's Money in the Bank.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Riddle, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Seth Rollins.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Asuka, Tamina, Natalya, Liv Morgan, Zelina Vega, and Nikki Cross

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SmackDown Tag Team Champions Rey & Dominik Mysterio vs The Usos

Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley vs Charlotte Flair

Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Edge

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingston

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