WWE's Roman Reigns Beats Edge at Money in the Bank and Gets New Challenger

Those who watch WWE SmackDown have seen the growing rivalry and bad blood between Edge and Roman [...]

Those who watch WWE SmackDown have seen the growing rivalry and bad blood between Edge and Roman Reigns, and on Friday night it hit overdrive. That's when Edge stormed to the ring and recreated their showdown at WrestleMania 37, kicking out the chair bar and using it to choke Reigns. Reigns tapped and Edge eventually let go, and Edge was all smiles when he hit the ring at Money in the Bank. After a wait Reigns finally hit the ring, and once the bell sounded both stars stayed in their corners for a bit, staring each other down.

After a slow approach and some taunts from Reigns, they finally locked up, and after having to break it up, Reigns pushed off of Edge's face. They locked up again, but this time Edge pushed off, and Reigns was not too happy about it. There was a lack of respect here, both from Edge and the crowd, who cheered Edge's name, and Reigns wasn't thrilled.

They locked up again and Edge got Reigns down on the mat and then slapped Reigns' head a bit to send a message. Reigns looked pissed, and they locked up again. Reigns sent Edge into the ropes and then clotheslined him over the rope, and afterward, he taunted the crowd, saying "who's the b**** now!".

They tussled a bit in the ring and then Reigns knocked Edge back, knocking him to his knees. Then he delivered a headbutt and kept up the attack with punches in the corner. Edge then delivered a hit over the ropes to Reigns' arm and then focused on it two more times by slamming it into the corner posts.

Reigns got out of the ring and walked away from the match, as the referee counted down. Paul Heyman talked him back into going back into the ring, and they traded big punches. A big boot sent Reigns out of the ring and to the ground, but when Edge went to capitalize Reigns lifted Edge and hit him with a Samoan Drop. Reigns broke the count and hit Edge again, and then went back into the ring as the referee counted Edge out.

Edge made it back into the ring and Reigns started kicking him multiple times. He then threw Edge out onto the floor, and then followed it up by bouncing Edge off of the steel steps. He then slammed his head into the steps and rolled him into the ring, though Edge kicked out of the pin at two. He hit Edge with punches and forearms, and then picked up Edge and there him shoulder-first into the ring post.

He picked Edge up and slammed him into the other ring post shoulder first, and Edge looked worn down. Reigns kept up the assault by locking in another hold around Edge's neck and head. Edge broke free but Reigns locked in the hold again.

Edge looked like he was fading while Reigns taunted the crowd, but he got a fresh pulse of energy and stood up to break free, and he did with punches to the ribs, but a punch to the head stopped Edge cold in his tracks. Reins then hit a drive-by on the side of the ring, but Edge kicked. out of the ensuing pin.

Reigns then set up for the Superman Punch, but Edge caught him with a backslide but Reigns kicked out, and then kicked Edge and knocked him back down. Once they got to their feet they traded punches, but Edge caught Reigns and planted him to the mat, but Reigns kicked out. Edge looked beside himself and then hit Reigns with a clothesline. Edge then charged towards Reign but Reigns hit him with a big boot. Edge returned the favor with multiple slams but Reigns kicked out.

Edge punched Reigns and then put him up on the top rope. Edge tried to pick him up but Reigns knocked him away. Edge then ran up and slammed Reigns' into the post, which left Reigns' leg caught on the top rope. Edge took advantage with a flurry of kicks, and then he grabbed Reigns and locked in the Crossface on Reigns.

Reigns tried to power out but Edge kept locking it in and pulling Reigns towards the center of the ring. Reigns managed to grab the bottom rope. Edge went for a spear but Reigns caught him and locked in a guillotine. Edge managed to break it and then evaded Reigns, who charged right into the barricade.

Edge then broke the count and speared Reigns through another barricade. Then he picked up Reigns and rolled him into the ring for a pin, but Reigns kicked out. Edge got to his feet and and tried to attack Reigns but Reigns countered it and then hit Edge with a Superman Punch, which also sent the referee down thanks to Edge crashing into his knee.

Heyman then told Reigns something and Reigns looked around for a chair. He grabbed the bottom bar and after some taunts, he tried to choke out Edge, but Edge punched him several times until he got him to let go. Then he thrashed his head multiple times and picked up the bar and choked Reigns, but at that point, The Usos came down to the ring, but they were pulled back by the Mysterios. Edge kept pulling the bars the Mysterious fought the Usos, and Reigns looked like he was fading. Reigns then pushed back but he couldn't get it loose, but Rollins ran in and superkicked Edge in the back of the head.

He walked away with a big smile and that let Reigns catch his breath, and after he stood he waited for Edge to get up. Reigns then went for a spear but was speared by Edge, but there was no referee until too late, but Reigns kicked out when he finally got there.

Edge and Reigns looked exhausted, and Rollins returned to the ring but Edge kicked him off the ring. Then Reigns speared Edge when he turned around, and that was it for the in and the win. The Tribal Chief is still your Universal Champion.

Then Rollins came back to kick Edge and he stared at Reigns, and he wanted his match. He said this wasn't his place, but then Edge came in and attacked Rollins, throwing him over the barricade.

Reigns then said "now the whole world can acknowledge me", and that's when John Cena showed up.

Here's the full card and current results for tonight's Money in the Bank.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Big E defeats Kevin Owens, Ricochet, Riddle, Drew McIntyre, John Morrison, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Seth Rollins.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Nikki Cross defeats Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, Asuka, Tamina, Natalya, Liv Morgan, and Zelina Vega.

Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles & Omos defeat The Viking Raiders

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeat Rey & Dominik Mysterio

Raw Women's Champion Charlotte Flair defeats Rhea Ripley

Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Edge

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley defeats Kofi Kingston

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