MVP Mocks Brock Lesnar as Reports Indicate SummerSlam Match With Bobby Lashley Won't Happen

Brock Lesnar remains a free agent after his latest WWE contract expired last year, but reports [...]

Brock Lesnar remains a free agent after his latest WWE contract expired last year, but reports have been popping up over the past few weeks that he and the WWE have been in talks about a return. Unfortunately, many of those same reports have also mentioned the long-awaited dream match between "The Beast" and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley isn't on the table for SummerSlam. MVP, who played a massive role in helping Lashley retain his title against Drew McIntyre inside Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, took notice of these reports and openly mocked the former UFC Champion.

"Lesnar FEARS Lashley," Porter wrote, retweeting a WWE fan who thought Brock would come back and beat both Lashley and Drew McIntyre on Sunday night.

Lashley was asked why the matchup continues to elude him during a recent interview with Sportskeeda.

"I don't know that answer, I really don't," Lashley said. "I haven't said no. As you can tell, I can only stay ready for so long. But I don't know. Maybe it's not something that's as important to him. Maybe I don't know, maybe he's already accomplished everything that he's wanted to accomplish. Maybe it's a lose-lose situation for him. I don't know. I don't know what his reasoning is. I'm sure he's heard of it, so in his eyes or in his mind, he's probably either said yes or no. And I don't know if anybody else can kind of sway him to say yes. I really don't know."

Meanwhile, Paul Heyman has played coy about when/where Lesnar will actually be back.

"Asking me about Brock Lesnar is a highly intelligent question and I commend you on your efforts. However, it's a hypothetical," Heyman told SportsTalk 790 in Houston, hinting towards Lesnar returning for the July 16 episode of SmackDown in the same city that will kick off WWE's 25-city return tour. "Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. If Brock Lesnar wanted to be back in WWE at this moment, at this particular time and place, he would be. Maybe, maybe he has been waiting for the live events, and maybe he'll choose Houston to make that return... or maybe not, because Brock Lesnar is going to do whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do."