WWE NXT's Bron Breakker Doesn't Ever Want Roman Reigns to Lose

There's a substantial amount of debate around if Roman Reigns should continue to hold both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship, and that will only continue every time he retains. The topic doesn't just come up on social media though, as UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier revealed in a new interview with The Masked Man Show. Cormier was the special referee at Extreme Rules for the Fight Pit match, but in the interview, he was asked about Reigns' current run, and he had nothing but great things to say. He also revealed that during some training with Bron Breakker, Breakker said he doesn't ever want Roman Reigns to lose.

"I was in my locker room last week with Julius Creed, Jay Casper, and Bron Breakker," Cormier said. "They flew up. Jay Casper is one of my guys. He used to train in my camp. When I was there, we spent the whole day. I was with those guys and we got in the ring some."

"Breakker tells me, 'I hope he (Roman Reigns) never loses. I hope that when that belt is off of him, he just walks away from it, like, I don't need to be the Champ no more, there you go, because his character is so over. I don't want to see that character lose.' This is a guy who's going to challenge for that belt at some point. It's crazy. It tells you what Roman Reigns has become," Cormier said.

It appears as if Breakker is going to get his wish for a bit longer, as Reigns is set to go against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel. Though Paul has been great in the ring in his limited appearances, no one really expects Reigns to lose either of his Titles in that match. After that, it remains to be seen who will step up to Reigns next, though there is a certain returning star who is now in the mix on SmackDown that could.

That would be Bray Wyatt, though some aren't so keen on Wyatt and Reigns being brought together so soon, especially if it means Wyatt will lose. Others think Reigns won't lose until Cody Rhodes comes back, while others think we won't see any Title movement until Reigns finally faces The Rock at WrestleMania, though that hasn't actually been confirmed or announced as of yet.

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H/T WrestlingNews