WWE NXT Reveals Shocking Identity of MSK Shaman

After several weeks of teases as to who the mysterious shaman was that MSK was seeking out, MSK finally arrived at their destination during tonight's NXT. When the face was revealed, it ended up being WWE superstar Riddle, who said "I'm going to put my Shaman hat on bro" and then the group headed over by some candles. He called them stallions and then asked what was on their minds. Carter and Lee talked about how they thought they were going to be at the bottom but they needed up winning the Dusty Cup and then winning the Tag Team titles. They asked what happens when you hit your peak so early, and if this was it for them. Riddle told them that not to worry, and that when you climb back up the mountain it will be so sweet. MSK then asked what needed to change and if they needed to take themselves more seriously to take out Imperium.

Riddle said they didn't need to change a thing, as they needed to be MSK all the way. He said that they just need to keep doing what they are doing and they will get back to the top. He also said that he would be there every step of the way.

MSK asked if he wasn't leaving and he said he wasn't Under one condition. "What's in the bag man? Sharing is caring bro," Riddle said. He then looked in and hit a few "whoa bro" and they all joined in, though we never actually get to see what is in the bag.

Now, Riddle is part of RK-Bro with Randy Orton, who are the current Raw Tag Team Champions, so don't expect him to be full-time in NXT. That said, it does seem like he might make appearances here and there as the shaman and their helpers as they try and get back to the top of the Tag division.

Currently, the Tag titles are being held by Imperium, who defeated MSK for the titles. Since then MSK has been on this journey to the shaman, but now that they've finally met, perhaps they will head back to get a rematch for those titles sooner than later.

Many had ideas of how the shaman was, as several of the hints and teases indicated it was Rob Van Dam. That clearly didn't end up being the case, but Riddle was fun at least.

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